How To Install The Player Apps:

How to setup your device to watch our service.

FireStick is not configured to allow users to install third-party apps for various reasons.  There are a few changes you will need to make prior to using installer apps like “Downloader” to install our media player apps.  To install 3rd party apps via Downloader, you’ll need to allow FireStick to install apps from unknown third-party, sources.  After you have installed downloader, then skip down to “What media player app is best to stream TV and Movies”

Follow these easy steps to turn on ADB debugging and apps from unkown sources first:

1. Launch your FireStick home screen and navigate to the settings icon (⚙️)

2. Scroll down to the My Fire TV banner and click on it.

3. Click on About.  Now click the enter button on the first menu item ( 7 times) until you see a message pop up saying ” No need, your now a developer”.

4.  Now click the back arrow button 1 time and scroll down to Developer Options and click on it.

5.  Select ADB debugging and click to turn it ON and select Install/Allow apps from unknow sources and click to turn it ON.

Once these settings have been enabled, you can then install apps on your FireStick manually. Your FireStick is now prepared to install 3rd party apps using Downloader.

The short video below shows you step by step how to setup your FireTV device to allow unknown sources and turn on ADB debugging. 

How to Install Downloader App on FireStick

The Downloader app is now officially available on Amazon devices.  Here is how you can install the app:

1. Go to the home screen of Fire TV / Stick if you are already not there

2. Use your remote to navigate to Find > Search on the menu bar in the upper left hand side of the screen

3. In the search or find area type in Downloader using the onscreen keypad (use the remote to navigate to the letters.   The Downloader app has an Orange box with a white arrow pointing downward.

4. You should see the Downloader app appear as you begin typing. When you see ‘Downloader’ on the list, select and open it

5. You should now see ‘Downloader’ orange box appear under the ‘APPS & GAMES’ section. Go ahead and click it

6. Now click the ‘Get’ or ‘Download‘ button to download and install the app. You should have the app in no more than a couple of minutes

Once the app is installed, you will again see it in the Apps & Games section and probably on the home screen among the recently installed apps.

The short video below shows you how to install the “Downloader” app 

Which media player app is best to stream Tv/Movies on?

We highly recommend you install the new LiveTv Mate media player.  This media player is very similar to Tivimate and has all the same features and functionality of Tivimate player.  Quite simply put…The LiveTv Mate player app is as close as you can get to the layout and navigational feel of cable tv or satellite tv.  It is an awesome built in tv guide, is very fast and responsive and has great picture quality, closed caption options, and the layout can be customized to your preference just to name a few features.   Please note…. Firestick 4k is NOT currently compatible with the LIveTV Mate player yet.

 The list of streaming devices below are compatible with the Free LiveTV Mate media player.  Please check the list to make sure your device is compatible before downloading.

 (Android 10 T95 , Z11 Pro Max , Nvidia Shield Pro 2017 , Shield Pro , Shield Pro 2022 , Android TV , GTV , Firestick 4K MAX , Firestick Lite , Fire TV Cube 1st Generation , Fire Cube 2nd Generation , JVC Fire TV 4K , Mecool KM2+ , Amiko v9 , Amiko A9Z Blu , Chromcast TV , Formuler Z10 , Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 , Tivo Stream 4K Android TV 11 , Onn UHD Box running Android TV 11 , Dynalink Box running Android TV 10)

How To Install “LiveTv Mate” player – Best recommended player to use for TV’s

 1.  Use the “Downloader” app and simply type in short code “353856” in the address bar and click go to begin the app dowload.  Next click go, then click install, then click open app. 

2.  Next click “add playlist“.  Make sure you click “Xtream Codes” only.  Next click on “Server Code” and type in 001.  On the 2nd line type your tv service login username.  On the 3rd line type in your login password which were emailed to you.  Now click next to begin processing of the playlist.  If playlist does not begin processing click the back button 1 time and simply correct the case sensitive miss spelling of your username and or password and click next again.  

3. Change playlist name to and click done.  The app will now finish processing the playlist and then open for you.  Once installed you will have access to your subscription channels, Movies and Series.



How to install the original “Tivimate” media Player 

Works with all FireTV devices, Android Boxes and Android and Google TV’s

Part I

To install the original “Tivimate” media app follow these easy steps.
  1. Using the Downloader app on your streaming device type in short code 191081 to begin the Tivimate app download.  Once downloaded then click install, Then click open.
  2. Playlist type – Click only on Xtream Codes
  3. Enter Server address URL – Http://
  4. VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Your server address is case sensitive.  Make sure everything is correct.  Only the H is capitalized.  Type in everything exactly as it is spelled below with the URL.  If it does not start processing channels, then there is a typo error in the login details.  Simply check for the typo error(s) and retype it again.
  5. On 2nd line enter the emailed “username” you use to login to your live tv service.
  6. On 3rd line enter the emailed “password” you use to login to your live tv service.
  7. Check box to Include VOD (Video On Demand) then click “NEXT”  Please wait while processing takes a min or so.
  8. Keep playlist name the same then click “DONE”  
  9. Now the app will process your IPTV service playlist data and automatically log you in.  Final processing takes a min or so.
  10. Once logged into the Tivimate player app you can now navigate through main menu categories and their channels. 

Keep in mind that this app is a free 7 day trial version of Tivimate and only shows you a portion of the full features and functions of Tivimate premium.  You will need to upgrade to the Premium version of Tivimate which includes saving channels to favorites, closed caption options and recording of channels and much more.  To upgrade to the premium version of Tivimate simply follow the additional Part II steps below.

Part II

How to setup and install the full version of Tivimate Premium 3rd party application

  1. First you will need to have access to the “Google Play” store to download the “Tivimate Companion” app.  Currently this app it is only accessible through android phones or and android tablets.  This app is currently not acessible to or in the Apple I-store or for Apple products.  If you do not have access to an android phone or tablet to setup the Tivimate Companion app, simply contact us and will will assist you with setting up your Tivimate Premium account.
  2. Create your “Tivimate Companinon” account with your email and and create a password.  After you have setup your Tivimate account you will click next and proceed to make payment of $9 for the yearly subscription or $30 for the one time lifetime payment to have full access to Tivimate’s premium media player and any future app upgrades.
  3. Once your Tivimate Premium account has been setup.  You will now log back into the Tivimate media player app on your streaming device (firestick, Android box) which is now on your tv and go to “settings” in the main menu and then click on “upgrade to premium Tivimate”.  Next click on “Account”.  You will then login with your Tivimate Companion account email and the Tivimate Companion password you created.
  4. After you sign in with your newly created Tivimate Companion app login details (Email and Password) click “Activate new device”.  You have the option of renaming the streaming device you are adding to your Tivimate premium account.  I recommend renaming your device to the room your device is playing in. ex (Living room, bedroom) Your device should now be upgraded with full access to all the features and functions of Tivimate’s media player.  Your Tivimate’s premium account allows you to install the Tivimate premium on a maximum of 5 tv’s.

How To install on Android smart phones and android tablet 

1.  In the address bar use url –

2. Download and click open and input your login details.

3. Server address/url – Http://

How to install on Apple IOS products, Windows PC and Xbox

1. Using your web browser type in the web url –    Next type in your login credentials and use playlist url – 

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IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television where internet is used to deliver TV programs & Videos that are either live or on demand.

  • Video on Demand
  • Near Video on Demand
  • Time-shifted TV
  • TV on Demand (TVoD)
  • Live Television

With traditional TV, programs are broadcast by being turned into radio waves and beamed through the air to a rooftop antenna on your home. The antenna converts the waves back into electrical signals and your TV set decodes them to make its sound and picture.